Cole On His MLS Career

Former Chelsea defender Ashley Cole is nearing the end of his footballing career and said that he would want to go into coaching when he stops playing. He said that this is not something that he loved in the past but working with kids at LA Galaxy has made him to fall in love with the coaching world.

Ashley Cole said that he thought that coming to the MLS will allow him to end his career smoothly as he always regarded the MLS as a retirement route but he said that things have changed for him. He said that he does not want to end his career at the moment and that he does not want to leave the MLS at the end of his playing days.

He said that he is enjoying himself in the MLS and that it was a pleasure for him to be playing for LA Galaxy.

Ashley Cole has been given the chance of working with the kids during the training sessions and said that he is enjoying his time there. The former Chelsea and Arsenal defender said that working with the kids has allowed him to discover a passion for the coaching job and that he is likely to make the transition to coaching once his career is over.

Ashley Cole said that it is a wonderful feeling to work with new players and that it is an honor for him to transmit his love and knowledge of the game to them. He said that he still loves to play and that he is looking forward to the new season but he believes that he has now found what he will be doing at the end of his career. It is believed that LA Galaxy will offer the defender a job in their coaching staff at the end of his career.