Cole wants Wenger as England boss

Former Arsenal player Ashley Cole has stated that Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger should be the next England manager.

The player who is currently playing for MLS club LA Galaxy says that Arsene Wenger will be the best manager for England. Indeed the FA is now looking for a replacement for Roy Hodgson, who has resigned from his post following the poor campaign at the Euros.

Ashley Cole said that the question now for the FA would be to decide whether to go for an England manager or a foreign one. For him, the best decision will be to go for Arsene Wenger. Cole believes that the French manager knows how to manage young players, has a good knowledge of football and also know how to win games. For him, this is the best candidate at the moment for the England team.

Ashley Cole believes that England currently has a good crop of players which are not only young and also skillful. He believes that the participation at the Euros will have brought them some experience and that they should become better.

He said that they need a manager that is good with young players, and that know how to develop them. He believes that Arsene Wenger is the best candidate for this post as he has done it with Arsenal for quite some time. He believes he is the perfect manager that can bring the England team to the next level and help them win their first title for a long time.

Wenger has stated that he is not interested in the England job at the moment as he is focused with Arsenal. He said that he has built the London club with his own hands and that he is not going to leave without them winning something.