Fan Pays Fine after Court Rules in Cole’s Favor

The case that was going on about a fan jeering and shouting at Ashley Cole has now concluded. The Swindon Town resident, Lee Oscroft, has been asked to pay a fine of 300 pounds for his actions. He admitted previously to shouting foul language at the former Chelsea and Arsenal star. It occurred in a match of the FA Cup which took place last year. The fan was acquitted of any charges regarding the usage of racial slurs. He also appeared in court to avoid getting a banning order.

Joanna Dickens, the district judge stated that Oscroft had used words that were disrespectful and vile towards Cole as a person. Oscroft does temporary work at a call center. He was ordered to pay 85 pounds in costs and 34 pounds as a victim surcharge to Ashley Cole. It was for breaching the norms of the Public Order Act.

The judge stated that she would not impose a banning order since she felt that it was not required as his comments were not racially

motivated. Emma Thacker who defended Oscroft stated that he had no other convictions since the ban that he obtained in 2017. Though he had been banned for three years for having a flare in his pocket, the ban was revoked in two years since he complied with the same fully. However, for this incident, he was arrested on 29th January 2022. After that, he had not been able to attend matches since last year. The Judge told him to grow up and avoid such incidents in the future.
Ashley Cole raised controversies when he moved from Arsenal to Chelsea club, only for money. Other controversies about this star are his behavior towards referees, cheating on former wife Cheryl Cole, and shooting at a student with an air gun. However, his performances on the field have made him the most capped left-back in England.