The disciplinary committee of the Major League Soccer has fined Ashley Cole for not leaving the pitch in time after seeing a red card in the game against San Jose which ended in a 1-1 draw.

Cole had received two yellow cards in a minute in the game which summed up to his sending off but he failed to leave on time provoking punishment from the committee.

The Cali Clasico lived up to expectations. LA Galaxy were up with a goal and were looking at grabbing all three points but Chad Barett leveled things with his goal for the home team in Stanford. The equalizer made Cole frustrated and he made a poor tackle on the halfway line. The tackle was late so the referee gave him a yellow card but Cole’s reaction was deemed another yellow card by the referee so he was sent off. Emotions ran high and players from both teams stepped in to defend their teammates. Cole had to be escorted from the pitch for the game to continue.

This becomes the second time in a few months that Cole would receive two yellow cards in less than a minute for LA Galaxy. Back in May he was booked twice in 32 seconds. The former Gunner and Blues player was booked at first for time wasting but he launched a poor tackle seconds later on Benny Feihaber. Despite protests from his Galaxy team mates, the referee sent him out of the game with another yellow card.

Due to the red card he is set to miss LA’s game against Vancouver but he will pay another fine which was not disclosed to the public. On the day of sitting, the committee also found Ontivero guilty of embellishment in the 2-2 draw of Impact vs. Sporting Kansas City. He scored the opening goal but will be issued a fine for his action in the game.