Lloris could still be sold, despite claims to stay.

Although Hugo Lloris has said that he is not going anywhere away from Tottenham Hotspur, but, everybody has the idea that in professional soccer, the statements made by the players and the officials don’t always point towards the actual scenario. Things can be very different from what has been said.

Lloris is optimistic about his stay at White Hart Lane purely because of the no. of years that is still remaining for his contract to finish. But, there is every possibility that he would be sold if somebody comes with an extremely high bid.
The thing which needs to be discussed is that how Tottenham would be affected in case Lloris takes an away transfer.

Tottenham missed out on European football last season. They would definitely want to qualify this time around and for that, they would need the services of seasoned players and Lloris can be included in that category.

Having played in Ligue 1 for quite a few years and then, in the Premier League for the last couple of seasons, the 27-year old is the man to have gained the experience. Now is the time for him to peak and at such a time, to let him go, would not be that smart on part of the new management team of the Spurs.

In the last 6-7 years, Tottenham has always lost a peaking player before the start of the season. For example, it was Gareth Bale last season.

This season, so far, there hasn’t been anyone whose departure would have left the fans disappointed. But, there is a lot of action remaining in the summer window. It’s after the World Cup that the transfer activities would be in full flow.

But, one thing is for certain, if the Spurs sell Lloris, it would cost them dearly.