Poyet wants players to aim higher

Sunderland went through their 3rd consecutive Premier League after facing Swansea City with the game that ended with neither teams being able to score a single goal throughout the entire match. The team of Gus Poyet has played 6 Premier League matches and has tied 5 a total of games but the coach of Sunderland wants his squad of players to not settle with a simple draw and wants them to aim higher by collecting more points in each match.
Gus Poyet said: "I said to them before coming here, 'we're playing okay'. But okay is not good enough in the Premier League. You need to be better than okay. One point a game will get us 38 points. You cannot just be okay. You are going to get punished. I think if we had been a little bit better this was a great opportunity for three points and we missed it."
The Premier League club which is currently being guided by Gus Poyet went through a scare in the last season as they just barely managed to escape the bottom relegation zone and Poyet does not want to have to go through another season of frights. The English manager is hoping that his team can start collecting more points and climb a few spots in the Premier League.
Sunderland experienced undergoing a goal-less draw with Burnley and 7 days later another goal-less draw but this time around against Swansea City. The side of Gus Poyet is struggling trying to score goals in this start of the season and reports emerged claiming that Sunderland could be signing free agent before the January transfer window but Poyet has shut down those claims by telling reporters that he isn’t interested or looking around for potential new players at least not until January.