Cole expects Chelsea to improve

Ashley Cole believes that Antonio Conte is the right man to improve Chelsea.

The London team has been enjoying a poor run in recent weeks, but Ashley Cole believes that the side will improve soon. He said that the Italian manager would need time to improve the team.

Ashley Cole stated that fans should give Conte some time before judging him. He believes that the manager will need more than a season in order to change the team. He said that it is never easy for a manager to adapt to the pace of the Premier League and that there are clubs such as Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspurs and Liverpool who are already in place.

The former Chelsea defender said that the manager still needs to find his best team and that he will need time in order to achieve that. He believes that there is already a good squad in place and that it is the role of the manager to find the tactics that best suit the players he has.

He said that Antonio Conte is a great manager after what he has achieved in Italy and also with the Italy national side. He believes that the manager has the necessary experience and that it is only a matter of time before he managed to turn Chelsea’s fortune around. The former England international believes that Chelsea can still compete for the title. He said that it is still early in the season and that there is still time for the Blues to turn their campaign around and catch up the leaders.

Ashley Cole has urged fans to trust Antonio Conte and to give him time to improve the side. He has asked fans to judge the manager at the end of the campaign and to stay behind the team.