Cole wants to return to Chelsea

Former Chelsea player Ashley Cole said that he wants to go back to Chelsea as a scout when his playing career is over.

This will cause an uproar among Arsenal fans who were expecting at least the player to move to another club rather than to their fierce rivals again. They are still disappointed by the way Cole left them for Chelsea and will not really appreciate the fact that he will be returning to Chelsea.

Ashley Cole said that he wants to get a role at Chelsea after he finished his career in the United States. He admitted that he does not want to do coaching as he feels he will not like the pressure and duties associated with the job. He said that he wants a role as a scout or an ambassador for the club.

The former Arsenal player said that he has no intention to go back to Arsenal as he feels that he is more of a former Chelsea player. He said that he won the Champions League with Chelsea, and this is a feeling that you cannot erase. For Cole, this is one of the best moments of his career, and he wants to thanks Chelsea for having given him the opportunity to win such a trophy.

He said that at the moment he wants to focus on his career in MLS, and he will think about his future when the times come. He said that he wants to help Chelsea after his career and will prefer a role as a scout.

Ashley Cole started his career with Arsenal where he managed to make 156 appearances for them and scored 8 goals. He then moved to Chelsea where he will make 229 appearances and winning several trophies along the way.