Cristiano Ronaldo Rates Ashley Cole as the Best Left Back

Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has named Ashley Cole as the toughest opponent he has faced in his career.

It comes as a major praise for the former England international, who is now approaching the end of his career. Regarded as one of the world’s greatest left backs of the last couple of decades,Cole seemed like an Arsenal player through and through before his shock move to Chelsea in 2006. However, this enabled him to experience some of the biggest successes in world football after he lifted the FA Cup numerous times and the Champions League title too.

Cole’s time at Chelsea was also met with Cristiano Ronaldo’s rise at Manchester United. The Portuguese superstar was experiencing an upturn in fortunes with every year, and it culminated in the move to Real Madrid in 2009. However, in the three years alone, Ronaldo came up againstCole on numerous occasions in all competitions like the Premier League, FA Cup, and of course, the Champions League final.

Even though Ronaldo has come up against numerous top defenders throughout his career, he still putsCole as the most difficult he has ever faced.Cole is currently playing with LA Galaxy and he is widely expected to retire in the next couple of years.

"Over the years I had some great battles with Ashley Cole, he does not give you a second to breathe. He was such a tenacious player when he was at his peak, quick, tough in the tackle. You knew it would never be an easy game. There is a big mutual respect between myself and Lionel Messi. The media like to make out like we have this big rivalry, but we don't. It is not like we are good friends, but there is a mutual respect on both sides," said Ronaldo about Ashley Cole and Lionel Messi.